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Saturday, September 1

 The Moon is indulgent Taurus today and the aspect that will personally be felt is a square to Mercury.  This doesn’t have to be about miscommunication but if it is, this combination can be dramatic and explosive especially if the miscommunication is about how to spend money on entertainment and having fun. Someone may be more value conscious then another and there could be a tug of war where one person is more frugal while the other is more indulgent.  It might be hard to compromise.  Because it is a holiday weekend you might be wise to err on the side of indulgence since it’s the last big blow out weekend of the summer. If you’re around siblings this weekend there could be more strain. 
There will be enough time for caution, discipline, sobriety and hard work after the weekend when Saturn will take charge as he starts to slow down after Labor Day and stations direct on September 6.  Saturn’s serious effect will be felt starting on Tuesday, so why not enjoy the weekend and throw caution to the wind for the time being.  It may be a while before you’ll be able to do that with any abandon for quite a while.