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Sunday, September 9

Today is the Virgo New Moon so the intention is towards taking action with hard work and being efficient and putting the nose to the grindstone.  Saturn’s direction motion adds to the seriousness of purpose and consciously placing one’s focus on long term achievement and goals. 
Venus is in her shadow period.  Today the love goddess enters Scorpio where she’ll remain through the end of October, before retrograding back into Libra the entire month of November ,and then back in Scorpio once again for the entire month of December.  In her first shadow which is occurring now through October 5th you’ll start to dig up deep seated passions and relationship patterns that need to  be fine tuned.  Venus is about relationships and money and now you will start to discover challenges in those areas that need to be faced in order to improve those areas of life.  Venus in Scorpio digs up love from the past and has an investigative quality.  If your lover is holding a secret then chances are you’re about to discover what that is in the next month or so.  This placement can be turbulent and the retrograde uncovers problems, resentments, jealousies and hidden, uncontrollable passions.  There may be secrets around money and the misuses of power.  The positive side of this is about taking current relationships to a deeper level and rediscovering the passion that ignited your love for someone.  The next couple of months is about reinventing that love in ways that strengthen and deepen bonds.  Many may be dealing with physical and psychological death issues.  It’s a time for love, devotion and commitment to be tested. 
It’s a wonderful placement for renewing marriage vows.  Single and married folks may experience relationships from the past coming out of the woodwork to haunt you.  The lover from the past you thought was gone forever and was metaphorically dead and buried can be brought back to life for better or worse.  If people owe you money then the next couple of months is a time to collect on a debt. 
We’re coming out of a recent Mars retrograde and now it’s Venus’ turn.  These two planets always work in tandem.  Venus is what you want and Mars is how you go after getting what you want.  Mars is the action principle and therefore has a more selfish nature and going after things with a singular purpose and Venus is more about partnership, harmony and compromise but while retrograde in Scorpio she may not want to do any of that.  Venus retrograde has a reputation for awakening the bitchy side of feminine behavior while Mars retrograde has the reputation for awakening the bastard side of masculine behavior.  Mars retrograde always has to reconsider aggressive behavior and temper it with balance while Venus retrograde has to exchange fairness and compromise with being more direct and assertive. 
But for the immediate next few days the Virgo new moon has the power to initiate work projects and get the wheels moving toward productivity.  Today can be an especially good one for physical activities.  Make a commitment to get back the gym and a better diet beginning on Monday.