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Thursday, September 27

Chiron has retrograded back into Pisces and Venus is in her shadow about to turn retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th so there’s a great deal of pain and suffering from the past that is due for a revision, a revisit and recalibration.  The Supreme Court hearing happening today is coming at an interesting time since it brings up issues from the past that go way back to the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas case back from October 11, 1991. 
Without saying anything political regarding the outcome it’s clear to see that Venus retrograde in Scorpio occurring when Pluto turns direct in Capricorn this Friday really symbolizes a battle between women and the establishment, the legal system and our traditional structures and the need to reexamine them. 
Mars also triggers the lunar eclipse from July 27, 2018 so pay attention to the personal story from back then and what is happening now to further your personal storyline. 
All this Pluto/Venus/Chiron/Eclipse trigger has also brought to light the victory by the women who have accused Bill Cosby and his recent incarceration.  Scorpio energy does come back to haunt you.  The past is really never dead. 
The Taurus Moon lends a tone of serious substance today and looking to stabilize values. 
The Moon squares Mars so there’s a serious battle going on regarding taking action to seek the truth of a situation.  Mars in Aquarius is a truth seeker on the battlefield and brings it out in the open and the Moon in Taurus represents strong women as well as the moral values that rule all our underlying bevhavior. 
The Moon opposes Venus all day so you’ll see two types of women portrayed in the media today.  It will be very black and white going back and forth between the whore/madonna syndrome and it will take the Sun trine Mars aspect that hopefully will keep a sense of perspective and stop others from making senseless moral judgments on both sides. 
The Sun in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius can be a great aspect for intellectually seeking the truth and keeping seeing the truth in the bigger picture.  Aquarius and Libra have a lot to do with political debates. 
For everyone this is a good day to get a of work done and communicate clearly, fairly and openly.  Your creative vision can be applied with high energy and confidence.