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October 2018

Thursday, October 25

We are still in the energy of yesterday’s full moon.  It’s explosive quality can be seen in the chaotic events surrounding the bomb threats made on several leaders throughout the country.  This is a good example of this lunation manifesting in a very literal way.  Let’s see what other fall out we may have.  We still may have news about tectonic plate shifts and earthquakes as this energy is highly …Read More

Tuesday, October 23

We are building towards a rather volatile and exciting full moon in Taurus that culminates on Wednesday at 12:45 pm. (EDT)  Taurus is a sign that doesn’t like change but because this full moon is conjunct the planet Uranus you may be forced to change something of value in your life that has kept you grounded and rooted and has been of very long standing.  Something you value whether it …Read More

Saturday, October 20

It should be a very enjoyable Saturday if you allow your mind to float, dream and enter alternate worlds where you can escape from the mundane, everyday practical tasks of daily life.  Do something whimsical, fun and creative.  It’s a great day for meditation.  If you’ve been running yourself ragged lately then the escapism may be all about catching up on sleep and staying in bed all day to heal …Read More

Thursday, October 11

The stock market markedly dropped yesterday and though I’m not a financial astrologer some of this has to do with Venus retrograde in Scorpio.  A planet associated with money in a sign dealing with money reversing direction.  Venus retrograde is opposing Uranus in Taurus three times and this is highly symbolic of volatile markets and finances.  Those dates are September 12, October 30 and November 30.  On top of that …Read More

Friday, October 5

Venus turns retrograde today at 11 degrees Scorpio.  Friday is the day that belongs to Venus so she’s got all the power today and through the weekend.   No matter what happens in world news the power of women will be unleashed in all forms.  So, if there is anger over something there will be rage, and if there is joy over something there will be extreme passion.  The sign …Read More