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Friday, October 5

Venus turns retrograde today at 11 degrees Scorpio.  Friday is the day that belongs to Venus so she’s got all the power today and through the weekend.
No matter what happens in world news the power of women will be unleashed in all forms.  So, if there is anger over something there will be rage, and if there is joy over something there will be extreme passion.  The sign of Scorpio is very black and white, all or nothing and doesn’t understand what gray is or what half measures are.  So pay attention to what side of the coin you side with and your emotions will be felt accordingly. 
In personal matters Venus retrograde in Scorpio will unearth triangular relationships such as menage a trois, thrupples and affairs.  People who are cheating on their loved ones, whether sexually, financially or keeping a lie, may be exposed during this retrograde which lasts through November 16.  Venus is not behaving according to her normal pattern which is to bring balance, harmony, love, beauty and diplomacy to relationships.  When retrograde, and especially in the sign of Scorpio, she becomes more bitchy, restless, catty, sarcastic, aggressive and feisty.  Negatively the stereotype or archetype is “Mean Girls”.  The positive side of the retrograde will bring out the assertive, brave and courageous quest to fight for equality and make the voice of the “partner” heard.  When Venus is retrograde it is often said in astrological circles that she behaves more like Mars.  Mars is the brave warrior as well as the bully predator. 
Become aware of joint finances and makes sure the books are balanced and no partner, whether business or personal, is taking unfair advantage of resources.  Venus retrograde is a good time to collect on a personal debt, and if you owe money to some person or organization they will come knocking on your door to demand payment from now through mid November.  If you can’t pay the loan then you must negotiate a compromise of some kind. 
And on a strictly romantic level this Venus retrograde will excavate love from the past.  Past lovers, spouses, friendship, business partners and those you thought were dead and buried may resurface for one last round of passion or blood sucking or intense processing before you put them back to rest.  If you haven’t put the stake in the vampire’s heart, then s/he is sure to resurface looking for more blood or passion. 
New relationships don’t have much luck on their side during a retrograde, so don’t put much stock in the dating scene.  One night stands fare much better.  For those people who find that behavior repulsive don’t judge others, for there are many more who enjoy that sort of behavior, so if you do, then go for it – just use plenty of protection and take extra care because Venus rules “venereal disease” and it is wise on a Scorpio retrograde to be very cautious and careful when taking sexual risks. 
From the Taurus side of Venus be aware of overspending and living too much on credit and having the pleasure principle going overboard with all the 5 senses.  It might be a good time to reassess that addiction to coffee, chocolate, pasta, candy, sex, shopping or pleasure and indulgence of any kind.  A therapist or close friend whom you trust can be very beneficial. 
Show your love and appreciation in extra powerful, in-depth ways to those whom you hold near and dear.