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Saturday, October 20

It should be a very enjoyable Saturday if you allow your mind to float, dream and enter alternate worlds where you can escape from the mundane, everyday practical tasks of daily life.  Do something whimsical, fun and creative.  It’s a great day for meditation.  If you’ve been running yourself ragged lately then the escapism may be all about catching up on sleep and staying in bed all day to heal the body.  Sleep can be the best relaxant and restorative of all. 
It’s important that you don’t adhere to strict schedules and regiments today.  Let your imagination run wild.  It’s a day for worshipping Neptune/Pisces and here are some options:
Movies, theater, music, painting, art, poetry, meditation, yoga, photography, a walk in nature, swimming, volunteer work, spiritual devotion, making a willing sacrifice, healing, crying, transcending bad habit patterns, alcohol or mind altering substances within reason,
Be creative and get in touch with your inner God/Goddess.  Whatever you do the day will feel highly sensitized.