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Thursday, October 11

The stock market markedly dropped yesterday and though I’m not a financial astrologer some of this has to do with Venus retrograde in Scorpio.  A planet associated with money in a sign dealing with money reversing direction.  Venus retrograde is opposing Uranus in Taurus three times and this is highly symbolic of volatile markets and finances.  Those dates are September 12, October 30 and November 30.  On top of that Uranus is going back and forth between Taurus and Aries late this year and into the early part of 2019 so this will continue a volatile streak with money and finances for the world at large and the global economy.  Those dates include November 6, January 6 and March 6. 
Yesterday’s energy was fraught with much tension.  Today has a more optimistic tone.  If there is fall out from yesterday, or difficulty continues ,the aspects today provide confidence and power to deal with stress in ways where you gain more understanding and feel like you can cope better. 
Juno stations retrograde at 0 Gemini.  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will play out prominently in marriages and close partnerships.  There are contradictory messages being sent by your spouse.  Saying one thing and doing something else is likely, or being two faced and talking out of both sides of the mouth.  You may be juggling two romances that become stressful.  If there is a secret or triangularized relationship the likelihood of being discovered is very strong in the next few day. It’s almost impossible to keep the secret contained. 
Women are finding their voice and expressing what’s on their mind very strongly especially if they feel betrayed and are not being treated fairly or equally.  Pay attention to your sisters! 
It’s a good night to play the good and gracious hostess.