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Thursday, October 25

We are still in the energy of yesterday’s full moon.  It’s explosive quality can be seen in the chaotic events surrounding the bomb threats made on several leaders throughout the country.  This is a good example of this lunation manifesting in a very literal way.  Let’s see what other fall out we may have.  We still may have news about tectonic plate shifts and earthquakes as this energy is highly symbolic of that type of activity, especially in the sign polarity Taurus/Scorpio.  It doesn’t necessarily have to go in that direction but it is highly possible. 
Continue to be wary of reacting in a knee-jerk fashion.  There is still shit being dredged up and decisions needing to be made about which direction to take relationships and finances.  Outer events may force a necessary change in these arenas but more than likely there is also a personal, psychological shift in these areas of life being prompted by an internal analysis and catharsis. 
Everything happening now is occurring on a deep, personal level.  It’s time to free yourself from the chains that bind. Time to shed the old skin, like a snake. Tomorrow is an inferior conjunction of the Sun and Venus and there is a new birth, a new beginning, a new phase, about what love means to you and those people, places and things that add value to your life.