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Friday, November 16.

Today Venus stations direct at 25.14 of Libra.  The retrograde isn’t quite over as there is the second shadow period that occurs from now through December 18 but starting today there should be a noticeable improvement in matters of love, partnership and finances.  Major issues should start to be resolved.  I’ve been hearing from clients about relationship and finances starting to come to resolution or turning around in some way. 
The whole cycle of Venus retrograde works like this.  There is the first shadow period from September 3 to October 5 when you start to experience what the issues are that need to be dealt with on the retrograde.  The retrograde runs from October 5 through November 16 and that’s when we are in the brunt of the problem or challenge and face what needs to be reviewed and dealt with.  Then there is the second shadow from November 16 through December 18 in which we see the outcome of what the retrograde was all about and tie up any loose ends. 
Venus is currently in Libra where she harmonizes and balances.  When she returns for another pass through Scorpio from December 3 through the beginning of the year make the resolutions to purge what’s dead and over or transform things to a new and more powerful level.  Relationships should grow stronger or end and you should have a pretty good idea in which direction they are heading now. 
Today is also the day that Mercury turns retrograde so those issues will pertain to communication, transportation, machinery, electronics, writing, siblings, cars and other such mercurial matters.  The shadow period works the same as with Venus.  Here are the dates:  First shadow from October 28 through November 17, the actual retrograde November 17 through December 6, the second shadow from December 6 through December 24. 
So the end of the year ends a with a great deal of review.  With review we can analyze and reflect and make things better for the future. 
It should be an interesting Friday night with the two stations; one moving forward and the other backward.  It’s a push-me, pull-you energy.  The Pisces Moon adds a flavor of romance, imagination or illusion, confusion and deception.  It will add a heightened and sensitized feeling to what’s going on. You’ll experience and feel altered states with greater intensity tonight.