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Friday, November 30

The Moon is in Virgo which can make for an industrious Friday and her trine to Pluto can get the job done fully and completely. 
The bigger story is Venus in opposition to Uranus.  This is the third and last hit of the love goddess as she is about to complete her total retrograde and shadow period.  There is resolution in the air regarding a final relationship or financial break up, break out, break through.  You may be able to trace a story connecting the three opposition dates:  September 12, October 31 and today.  You’ll be able to get clarity over a relationship or financial issue even if the outcome isn’t to your liking.  You can break free from a difficult situation and end a period of bondage.
This is a highly social aspect so if Venus retrograde has caused you to hibernate the past two months this last opposition can end the period of retreat.  There’s a renewed appreciation for being around others and engaging in social activities and friendships.  There’s a new order in how you relate to others. 
Have fun tonight!  Do something exciting and unexpected.  Remain spontaneous!