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Sunday, November 25.

The news the entire weekend is the direct station of Neptune.  The entire weekend had a Pisces tone to it and indeed there may have been more Pisces types of friends and family in your orbit. 
Psychologically this weekend is about the mist slowly settling or a veil  being raised that may have been clouding your mental and heart centers.  In other words the fog is slowly lifting and you’ll be less confused and paralyzed by certain issues in your life.  This entire weekend could have had an exceptionally romantic feel to it, and if you were on holiday with someone you love, it could have been a magical time.  But Neptune is known for being able to cover polar opposites of the same energy; remember the fishes swim in two directions.  That being said some of you may have experienced the more deceptive side of this energy.  People may start to see more clearly those who have been lying to them or have been engaging in underhanded behavior.  Just as Neptune brings magical highs it can just as quickly turn and burst the bubble sinking you to the depths of disappointment.  All feelings and emotions are heightened the entire weekend so just remember that reactions are over sensitive.  Early in the week you’ll have a more realistic attitude about what has recently transpired. 
Neptune can provide tremendous spiritual inspiration and it would be wise to delve into your heart center and meditate seriously on what you think about the meaning of life.  Artistic and imaginative pursuits can be pushed forward and you can ground that vision. 
Jupiter these days is only enflaming the steamy Neptunian waters so this combination can be boiling water.  The stretching of the truth will be very great.  The highest octave to express “stretching the truth” would be focusing the energy towards art, poetry, music, acting and all creative and artistic pursuits. 
Monitor self-righteous behavior.  Try to see life through the lens of your favorite Hollywood movie that makes you feel upbeat, joyful and optimistic about life.  It’s not about being a Pollyanna or a deluded flake but being truly able to see the more positive, upbeat and magical side of being alive.