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Thursday, November 1

Mercury is in his shadow in a sign that brings out the worst in what the messenger has to offer in regards to stretching the truth, lying, proselytizing, being a religious zealot, not backing up opinions with facts, giving away waaaay too much information in situations that merely call for the basics.  This planetary/sign placement is the poster child for the ubiquitous phrase, “Fake News” so be very discretionary when listening to media commentators or just about anybody who is pontificating and blurring basic facts by  offering platitudes and opinions. 
Then again, if you’re an actor, storyteller, preacher, salesman or need to orate then this planetary/sign combination can work to your advantage. 
Be cautious about usual Mercury retrograde issues.  The shadow period which lasts until November 17 can signal the issue that may be become a problem to solve during the retrograde from November 17 through December 6, while the second shadow period from December 6 through December 24 will demonstrate how well you handled solving the problem or challenge. 
The energy today is one of indulgence and over spending, over doing.  Be careful about biting off more than you can chew.  The morning may cause emotional outbursts and friction at work between those that have strong personal ego needs vs. those that are compelled to fight for the rights of group needs.  It’s a question of standing out as a shining star within the group rather than standing alone on stage looking for the solo spotlight.  Those that can stand out amongst the group energy while working within it will thrive best. 
It’s a great night to party, indulge, eat a lot, spend a lot, have too much sex and just about overdo everything.  If you have to pay the price for overindulgence on Friday then at least have a good time doing so on Thursday night.