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Thursday, November 22

This year the holiday falls on a very challenging Mercury retrograde.  Little old Mercury isn’t in his most comfortable sign, so he may grandstand and put his foot in his mouth one or two times.  There will be plenty stretching of the truth or a rewriting of history in some way.  But the bigger problem, more than Mercury acting out of sorts of his own free will, is that he’s also being assaulted by bully Mars, deceptive Neptune and inflammatory Jupiter.  So all forms of communication are going to be clouded and kind of infuriating.  Opinions will be polarizing, self-righteous and divisional.   There may be a lot of “victim/martyr” scenes being played out on stage.  For those facing difficult family situations this could be quite uncomfortable.  The highest possible good that could come of this confluence would be to become more spiritually enlightened about difficult situations and work in cooperation and compassion with others. Try forging a more spiritually, philosophical conversation out of the energy. And the colpa di grazia is a full Moon in Mercury’s ruling sign of Gemini.  So it will really bring out the conversation in the open to be dealt with.  How you deal with it depends on how enlightened you are. 
For those not having challenges with family and friends, and find themselves in lovingly comfortable surroundings this energy will gear towards outgoing, loud and boisterous conversations.  High spirits and fun will be the name of the game and you’d better enjoy being in loud company.  It should be a rewarding reunion of family. 
For everyone please be careful of difficult travel situations and don’t add fuel to the fire by doing something stupid that could easily be avoided.  Give extra time, force more patience and be more aware of careless people in your surroundings.