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Thursday, November 28

Hope those who celebrated had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I had a great one.  The Neptune/Jupiter/Mars energy manifested in its more positive form as spiritual enlightenment and putting the energy into expanding a more philosophical approach to life.  And there was a very important Pisces who re-entered my life and colored the entire weekend through the artistic, devoted and compassionate side of Neptune. 
Now that Neptune is slowly moving forward we can get back to reality and get a more sober sense of the bigger picture.  Today the Moon is in Leo a sign know for generosity, a big heart, drama, partying, romance and fun and games.  On a more psychological level this sign has a great importance over joy and performing those things that help us achieve what goal is in our heart.  It’s about being committed to your creative center and finding what brings you joy in being alive!  Try to look for some of that joy today.  Venus is direct and is now going over all those points she has covered twice and the coming weeks will provide the final outcome of important relationship matters, financial matters and love matters that have been in a state of flux since early September.  There has been growth and there is an end in sight.  You’ve learned a valuable lesson and you’ll understand exactly what that is in the coming weeks. 
Have some fun tonight and attend a mid-week dinner party with friends.