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December 2018

Sunday, December 30

Sunday, December 30.  The end of 2018 has an intense feeling of purging, releasing and letting go.  The Mars/Chiron conjunction at the last degree of Pisces is taking the action to release the wounds of the past, the dreams of the past and coming to an awareness of how much you can deliver on the promise of your imagination.  Along with Pluto at the degree of her South Node and …Read More

Friday, December 28

There’s a void from 11:27 am to 3:23 pm (EST) so plan your day accordingly. Afterwards the Moon enters Libra and the planet Venus has the power through the rest of the day as she harmoniously aspects Pluto. Since the entire Venus retrograde period is now officially over many of you may have a final epiphany today as to what the whole process has been about. There is a great …Read More

Monday, December 24.

It’s Christmas Eve. Wishing all who celebrate a joyous holiday. This Christmas heralds entry into the January eclipses. The eclipse season started on Friday’s Full Moon. We are entering the period of time when the issues needed to be addressed during the eclipses are getting underway. Pay careful attention to this year’s holiday festivities because you’ll see, hear, feel and observe things starting to heat up. The two weeks leading …Read More

Sunday, December 9: Jupiter and Neptune

Since early November 2018 we’ve been bombarded with an abundant amount of Jupiter/Sagittarius and Neptune/Pisces energy. Jupiter currently squares Neptune, and the build-up of Pisces/Sagittarius energy we are experiencing now will be around quite a while. The square doesn’t go out of orb until November 2019. The two spiritually and philosophically inclined signs and planets are working at cross purposes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to be …Read More

Wednesday, December 5

The next few days are quite busy what with the direct Mercury station tomorrow, the Sagittarius new moon on Friday, and Chiron station direct over the weekend.  There’s a lot of forward momentum about to happen so that you can start to get yourself out of a quagmire.    But before we get to this more energetic forward movement we have to deal with today’s Sun/Neptune square.  This is a …Read More

Sunday, December 2.

Two important astrological aspects occur today and both involve the love and creative planets Mars and Venus.  Mars square the Sun is a very feisty energy that can be very polarizing.  This can veer at its worst towards bullying and unwelcomed aggressive behavior if you’re frustrated about something and can’t channel the energy into healthy outlets.  We all unleash pent up anger but it’s best to be conscious, as much …Read More