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Friday, December 28

There’s a void from 11:27 am to 3:23 pm (EST) so plan your day accordingly. Afterwards the Moon enters Libra and the planet Venus has the power through the rest of the day as she harmoniously aspects Pluto. Since the entire Venus retrograde period is now officially over many of you may have a final epiphany today as to what the whole process has been about. There is a great opportunity to clear out the old and get on with the new.
It’s a great night for socializing and having deeper, more meaningful engagements and conversations with loved ones. The relationship slate has been wiped clean and things have either moved on to a more powerful level or have been purged and transformed.

Spend the night with those you love most and who can handle all aspects of your personality. It’s not about putting on a superficial face, which Libra likes to often do, but about being a complete person, flaws and all, and having loved ones value and appreciate everything about you. It’s all about consciousness and awareness and no longer being in the dark even if some of the realizations aren’t all peaches and cream. Some snips and snails and puppy dogs tails may be part of the cornucopia and that’s just fine.