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Monday, December 24.

It’s Christmas Eve. Wishing all who celebrate a joyous holiday. This Christmas heralds entry into the January eclipses. The eclipse season started on Friday’s Full Moon. We are entering the period of time when the issues needed to be addressed during the eclipses are getting underway. Pay careful attention to this year’s holiday festivities because you’ll see, hear, feel and observe things starting to heat up. The two weeks leading up to the solar eclipse on January 6th are when the water starts to heat up. The two weeks between the solar eclipse of January 6th and lunar eclipse of January 20th are when things are on full boil and the two weeks between the January 20th lunar eclipse and the next new moon on February 4 is when the heat is reduced.

Remember that during eclipse season nothing is as bad as it seems and nothing is as good as it seems. Everything is heightened and blown out of proportion even though important things are happening. Of course it all depends on how the eclipse affects your natal chart. Not all eclipses are created equally. I’ll be writing more about all this in the coming weeks but for now just be aware of the seeds being planted in the Capricorn area of your chart. Capricorn likes productivity, material reality, recognition, reputation and seeing results. What are you building in your life? What structures are being buttressed or torn down. Are walls going up or coming down? What career issues are you dealing with.

There’s a short void today from 9:50 am to 11:58 am (EST). For the Eve the Moon will be in Leo so that bodes well for high spirits and a festive, party mood. It is also a highly dramatic sign so watch for family drama both good and bad. Mercury squares Neptune tonight so in combination with the Leo Moon I would question everything and anything that you hear from others. This can be a lying aspect at worst and at best a highly entertaining one. There will be a great deal of truth stretching. It’s a great night for those who have to perform or entertain others. It’s great for putting a poetic, musical, or imaginative message across.