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Sunday, December 2.

Two important astrological aspects occur today and both involve the love and creative planets Mars and Venus.  Mars square the Sun is a very feisty energy that can be very polarizing.  This can veer at its worst towards bullying and unwelcomed aggressive behavior if you’re frustrated about something and can’t channel the energy into healthy outlets.  We all unleash pent up anger but it’s best to be conscious, as much as possible, in your motivations and how you focus the will to lash out.  Because the Sun is in Sagittarius and Mars is in Pisces this anger can be blown way out of proportion and the tendency to attack with a heightened sense of self-righteousness is strong.  The pros of this aspect are high energy levels that must be guided towards appropriate activities such as going to the gym, sports, any hard work activity especially of a physical kind or hard work of a creative kind where you actively express your creativity. Take advantage of being a spiritual warrior in such disciplines as yoga, meditation and the nobler side of religion.
Display with integrity and pride that talent which is your heart and be proud of it.  You can be competitive and you’ll want to win with this aspect, but just don’t gloat, brag and put down the others who are in the competitive race with you.  Be a kind winner and conversely don’t be a sore loser!
The other major thing happening is that Venus is entering Scorpio again where she already traveled in September and October.  This time she is direct and covering ground that has caused some tension and difficulty.  This is an easier sojourn through dark, murky waters of Scorpio.  It’s time to consolidate and make a deeper commitment to relationships where you have made a tremendous amount of emotional processing.  Since Venus just recently opposed Uranus and might have caused a final separation or “outing” of some kind the entry into Scorpio can help further process matters provided you look into the emotional center of the challenge with a great desire to rebirth and transform.  The rebirth and transformation is geared towards the Venus issues of relationships, love, creativity, pleasure and finance.  In this final weeks while she is in Scorpio you’ll either be able to commit with greater passion or let go with a definite finality.
On a more practical level for those looking for heightened sexual tension, energy and the ability to carry through with those urges and desires, today’s Mars and Venus aspects can provide a very powerful sexual release.