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Sunday, December 30

Sunday, December 30.  The end of 2018 has an intense feeling of purging, releasing and letting go.  The Mars/Chiron conjunction at the last degree of Pisces is taking the action to release the wounds of the past, the dreams of the past and coming to an awareness of how much you can deliver on the promise of your imagination.  Along with Pluto at the degree of her South Node and preparing to trigger last July’s Solar Eclipse as well as foreshadowing events later in the year.  There is a huge vortex of energy that is eliminating that which needs to be purified, transformed and immolated.  That which dies today will be resurrected and rise from the ashes in early October 2019. 

The Mars/Chiron conjunction can motivate those with self-sacrificing urges to help the sea of humanity that is in constant need of saving.  If you have a Mother Teresa complex, Christ complex, Buddha complex then these days ending 2018 and beginning 2019 can open up your third eye.  Pay attention to your dreams and your thoughts while in meditation.  There’s a karmic energy in the air to be a spiritual warrior and fight for what you believe in or give up a long cherished belief that is no longer serving you.  This is true on a karmic level for the sea of humanity and you’ll see those fighting for what they believe in to the point of blind, fundamentalist dogma.  Things will become even more polarized as those with opposing philosophies may feel the urge to do public battle.  There is an ending and a beginning as Mars enters Aries and he’s reading to jump into the fray.  It’s the birth of spring on New Year’s Day.  There’s something about Mars entering Aries on the Eve/Day that doesn’t quite sit well with me.  It’s a slightly disturbing energy with Chiron at 29° Pisces and the old wounds of eons and eons in terms of violence and rage may be actively on display through unsavory manifestations of Mars.   Watch the early days of the New Year for possible attacks and anger on the world stage as well as in personal matters. 

The Sun conjuncts Saturn the same time as Mars enters Aries and that is not a comfortable pairing as people will be feeling blocked, stuck and leaden down with responsibility and worry.  The Mars energy can cause knee jerk reactions and angry outbursts that are not well thought out or planned.  The higher consciousness of Mars is assertiveness without pushy aggressiveness, bravery and courage in the face of danger.   Pent up rage and anger will have an unattractive display in the early days of January so try to have a release valve. 

With Uranus slowing down and stationing direct on January 6th on the day of the solar eclipse there will be even more disruption, chaos, unexpected events coming out of left field and a general feeling of agitation, excitement and rebelliousness.  Uranus is also the planet of intellectual awakening, liberty, break-outs and break-throughs, so amidst all the chaos is a revolution and evolution.  In looking at history, we know that revolutions and new periods of progress and enlightenment are always accompanied by a bloodbath before the dawn of a new day. 

Everything in the next 18 months is about building new security and structure or defending old security and structure.  Some traditions from the past must be let go while others firmed up.  The Capricorn/Cancer eclipse energy is about family, structure, needs and the material world and feeling safe within it.  Everyone will have different styles and techniques for dealing with those issues.  Will you open your heart or build walls and barriers around it?