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Sunday, December 9: Jupiter and Neptune

Since early November 2018 we’ve been bombarded with an abundant amount of Jupiter/Sagittarius and Neptune/Pisces energy. Jupiter currently squares Neptune, and the build-up of Pisces/Sagittarius energy we are experiencing now will be around quite a while. The square doesn’t go out of orb until November 2019. The two spiritually and philosophically inclined signs and planets are working at cross purposes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to be lies, deception, delusion and illusion. There are plenty of positive ways to use this hyper-sensitized over inflated energy.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a yang, masculine and outer exploration of spirit while Neptune in Pisces is a yin, feminine and inner exploration of soul. Jupiter in Sagittarius looks for the luck and possibilities externally while Neptune looks for magic and serendipity internally. One is objective the other subjective. Both deal with larger issues and universal themes that connect us to something greater than our mere mortal existence. Jupiter in Sagittarius stretches outward and upward while Neptune in Pisces sinks down to karmic depths. It’s the binary distinction between the Holy Mother and the Holy Father. The current square between Jupiter and Neptune, at its highest level, must try to combine The Spirit of Mankind with the Soul of Womankind so we can merge towards one Humankind. Both planet and sign combinations represent functions of personal growth and transcendence toward another, higher level of consciousness. Personal power and dreams get merged with a larger force, power or truth. They are mental signs and planets that aspire towards right brain mind expansion geared toward some sort of unity with all humankind. Jupiter and Sagittarius operate more on and through the material world while Neptune and Pisces is more unknowable and ineffable. Both are subject to ego inflation, delusion, and/or illusion and have a fondness for waste, over doing it and not being able to set limits.

Let’s give the opposite signs of Virgo and Gemini brief time to get in on the act as one must remember that when there are tense square aspects between planets and signs a way to balance the challenge is to find answers in the opposite signs. So, by obeying my own rule, let’s map out the recent astrological highlights clearly and in an organized fashion.

November 8: Jupiter’s Sagittarius Ingress
November 16: Venus stations direct at 27° Libra
November 17: Mercury turns retrograde at 13° Sagittarius
November 24: Neptune stations direct at 13° Pisces
December 6: Mercury stations direct at 27° Scorpio, in partile trine to the Chiron station direct at 27° Pisces. This aspect is very strong from December 2 through December 12.
December 7: Mars conjuncts Neptune at 13° Pisces. This conjunction actively squares the new moon energy for the next two weeks. Yet, because the exact conjunction occurred squares the New Moon, its effects will be felt in some way or another for the entire two year Mars/Neptune cycle, the next conjunction occurring on June 13, 2020. Map out the opening square on April 27, 2019, the opposition on September 14, 2019 and the closing square on January 28, 2020.
December 7: New Moon at 15° Sagittarius
December 9: Chiron stations direct at 27° Pisces, in partile trine to Mercury at 27° Scorpio
December 15: Neptune semi-square Uranus
December 24: Mercury leaves its second shadow

Now, on to the interpretation of all the above as demanded from Sagittarius and Pisces. What might it all mean? Sagittarius seeks explanations and Pisces devotes itself towards a belief system whether logical or not. They both seek a spiritual truth from a higher source whether labeled God, Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, Allah or a belief in a more nebulous, mystical and magical Piscean energy. Pisces can have faith, belief, devotion and love towards an ideal or thought while Sagittarius must be aligned to a principal that can be explained and given meaning in our Saturnian world. Jupiter lives within the boundaries of Saturn; Neptune does not, so Pisces doesn’t need man made proof or explanations. It has a higher source connected to something that is beyond explanation.

Because of the natural split between Religion vs. Spirituality, the square aspect must fight to intertwine the two in our global and personal worlds, otherwise it polarizes. You will see many religious battles and persecutions with this hyped-up energy. There’s a noticeable rise in world-wide racial tensions whether it be the growth of anti-Semitism or a blind fear of foreigners and immigrants. Those are merely two examples of many. The square forces us to ask questions of how to deal with those of different race, color, ethnicity and religion. These are important philosophical issues and can neither be met with fear and bigotry nor a free-for-all love for everybody without regard for consequences. I don’t have the answers but the tensions will only inflate under this square. These planets are in the signs of their dignity and hence have great power that is more easily accessed. Planetary dignity in this square I see as empowering each planet and sign to hold its ground. When square aspects don’t try to work things out then they snap and break. Different factions, folks, parties, groups and organizations will firmly, staunchly and zealously stand their ground based upon their morality, religion, spirituality, ideals, principals, laws, philosophies, opinion and judgments. This can be warring voices within your own head as well as challenges in our personal lives.

This square will further cause lies, deception and a stretching of the truth. If the term fake news doesn’t mean anything to you now, just wait! I don’t think we have a Pinocchio nose long enough for what’s about to spread in the news and out of people’s mouths. The line between truth and reality will be even more blurred.

Think of November and December as the initiation and entry of Alice into Wonderland. It doesn’t abate anytime soon because the New Year begins with eclipses and those are always heightened months of agitation and excitability. The inflammatory combination of the Sagittarius/Pisces energy combined with the eclipses will really blow things way out of proportion for everyone. The rule of thumb on eclipses is this: nothing is as good as it seems while conversely nothing is as bad as it seems. Hang on because that energy will be inflated 10 fold with Jupiter doing battle with Neptune all year. Of course in your own charts look at which houses the transit occurs, which houses are ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and natal planetary placements in Sagittarius and Pisces. The nature of a Capricorn Solar Eclipse is to manifest and crystallize energy for better or worse.

If you want to use this energy positively support a cause in which you fiercely believe and devote time and energy promulgating its goals while not ostracizing other groups of people who cherish different ideals. Help out in a humanitarian way, a spiritual way, and a self-sacrificing way. Surrender up to a higher purpose that expands your mind and allows for more inclusion of others. Of course we need our Saturn boundaries. Saturn can put a much needed restraint on the excesses of Neptune and Jupiter. Since Saturn sextiles Neptune most of the year there are opportunities to ground Neptunian sensitivities in more stabilizing ways when she gets out of hand. Since Saturn is also in dignity there are easier ways to put up boundaries without taking away from the heart center. Music, poetry, meditation, photography, theater, movies and all forms of escapist energies are easily accessible. This inflation can also veer towards depression, drugs, alcohol and pornography as well as indolent behavior. If you’re prone to those excesses make sure you have a support person or group around you should you need them. It’s easier to dupe and be duped by others so question your own motives as well as others’.

One can access magic and fantasy with this energy. Miracles can and do happen and some may experience that kind of transcendence. For some folks in a proper setting with the guidance of a doctor or shaman or wise soul there can be experimenting with psychedelic drugs like mushrooms and LSD. This can be a highly spiritual way of tuning in to astral energies. Others may seek this other worldly experience through the Tarot, Astrology, I Ching or any other such higher type of learning. A spiritual retreat to faraway places may be just the right thing for you. Find God in new ways. The current Uranus/Neptune semi-square will aid in the opening up of new worlds that combine spirituality with technology and innovation.

Let’s see how gluttonous and greedy the pharmaceutical companies become under this square. Laws will be bent and stretched like Gumby and totally reinterpreted to suit the needs of those in power. This holds true for all our lawmakers.

The kicker behind it all is the Chiron direct station in the final degrees of the zodiac on December 9 before the Centaur’s Aries Ingress on February 18. There is a final examination, judgment and purging akin to the primal scream of a Mother experiencing agony, grief, pain and suffering at the premature death of a child before the inevitable healing and new beginning that must take place. That Mother never forgets the old wound but she is forced to move on even if the memory still lingers. The Mercury/Chiron trine that occurred between December 3 and 12 opens a gate towards a more empathetic, compassionate and healing type of communication. If the current round of Mars/Venus retrogrades for the second half of 2018 decimated, transformed or transmuted an important relationship then this energy is about learning to heal the past wounds or accept them on a new level and let them go. Chiron’s deep wound never fully heals, and neither does ours, but we can continue to gain knowledge and wisdom and grow stronger in our urge towards empathetic understanding of our plight and others’. There’s a deep interconnectedness offered by this energy and we can choose to align with it or not. Chiron at the last degrees of Pisces is about empathy, learning all we can from the recent dream and prepare for a new birth ahead as the deck is cleared for a pioneering new vision. There are new battles to fight as old ones are surrendered; new paths to forge and new education and leadership with new types of High Priestesses and High Priests. In the Mythic Tarot deck Chiron is the Hierophant card. This represents those wise souls and educators who can lead us towards a new horizon in Aries. It’s time to look towards the Eastern sky for new leaders and healers to rise.

To repeat what I said earlier it’s important to go to the opposite signs of Gemini and Virgo when dealing with the over the top picture and image that Sagittarius/Pisces paints. Collect the facts and information when faced with lies, falsehoods or questionable opinions. Analyze, dissect and critique those facts and then finally make an informed opinion; confident in the knowledge that your conclusion is soundly drawn. Remember there is a difference between fact and truth. They don’t necessarily walk hand in hand.

We are living a dream, but a fabulously phantasmagorical
one, with tremendous highs and lows. Being able to experience those highs and lows completely, fully and presently is what the adventure and magic of life is all about. Be more aware of poetry through thought, word and deed. To quote lyricist Tom Jones, “Deep in December our hearts should remember and follow………”