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Wednesday, December 5

The next few days are quite busy what with the direct Mercury station tomorrow, the Sagittarius new moon on Friday, and Chiron station direct over the weekend.  There’s a lot of forward momentum about to happen so that you can start to get yourself out of a quagmire. 
But before we get to this more energetic forward movement we have to deal with today’s Sun/Neptune square.  This is a confusing, low energy type of aspect that can really cause you to have things blurred and clouded over.  It’s difficult to see things clearly today so don’t take any rash action because you don’t have all the answers and you’re in no position to be pro-active while in a state of being blinded.  Use today’s energy for meditative and quiet types of activities.  The upbeat side would be active participation in art, music, therapy, film, photography, spirituality, romance and luxuriating in an unreal world whether in physical form or in the imagination. 
Be careful of false prophets, liars and people pulling the wool over your eyes.  Eyes are wide open today in that way that a child’s eyes bug out in a candy shop.  It’s slightly unreal and you’re seeing everything through rose-colored glasses.