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Friday, January 18

The morning starts off with a lovely trine between Venus and Mars so the interaction between yin and yang, masculine and feminine and however you define those terms are harmoniously intertwined. Relationships at work are more or less running smoothly. The Mercury/Pluto conjunction focuses the mind deeply, profoundly and intently on work and building structures. Think of this combination as a mind that is tight like a steel trap. Get the facts and get to the bottom of the matter.

As the work day winds down the energy becomes more chaotic, scattered and unpredictable. Creative projects may, at the last minute, turn into something totally unexpected and this energy can foreshadow some of the dramatic energy building up towards this weekend’s lunar eclipse in Leo. Last minute changes can cause the work day to feel more like a house of cards. Yet, while the Sun is square Uranus, the Moon sextiles it and that can help keep you in a frame of mind to go with the flow and deal with unexpected shifts and twists of fate. The Moon’s aspect keeps you in sync and adaptable. It’s like two different energies converging simultaneously. Remain in the eye of the hurricane, calm and centered, while everything around you is swirling out of control. You’ll be alright.

It’s a fun party night full of rambunctious behavior. Let loose, let go and be a bit crazy.