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Monday, January 21

Today’s Lunar Eclipse occurs in Leo on Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday.  How synchronistic since Leo is the sign that rules Kings!  A perfect day to honor a King among Kings!  While I’m not extremely well educated on his legacy, I am aware of all his Leo qualities as a King:  his immense nobility and largesse, fighting for respect and honor of all people not just those that are deemed special.  He had a noble, royal and charismatic presence.  There was definitely star quality, warmth and generosity of heart.  We honor his legacy on the day of his birthday and it is a great one. 

When a “King” rules with a warm, generous and open heart then he commands respect and brings everyone along with him to the party, but when the negative side of Leo is on display we see a court jester, a fool, a clown, a whiny petulant child that throws tantrums and commands power through fear, ridicule, making fun of others and banishes those under his leadership from the kingdom!   Look at behavioral traits of tyrannical Kings and Queens throughout the centuries in their quest for power:  they behead, castrate, disembowel and raid the coffers of the country to uphold their massive ego and self-serving, narcissistic will. 

Let’s make Dr. King’s legacy the one that shines strong.