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Saturday, January 19

Saturday, January 19.  There’s a Leo Lunar Eclipse culminating tomorrow around Midnight Eastern Standard Time.  Lunar eclipses are always a little maniacal and everyone’s mood becomes a bit more frenzied.  This one in particular has an even higher dramatic quality because it is colored by the sign of Leo which delivers its message in a grander more exaggerated way, like an actor!  You can see it in the way the weather forecasters are making such a big deal about the winter storm cutting a huge swath across most of the country:  it’s big, dramatic, large, outsized and takes center stage, but let’s just see how big a wallop it really packs because this sign is known for overdramatizing everything and for grandiosity, pomposity and fiery emotions. 

It’s the last eclipse we have in Leo before everything shifts to Cancer for the next 19 months, so this may pack a wallop to let us know of its exit from the sign as if to say:  DON’T FORGET ME AND YOU WON’T FORGET ME BECAUSE I’M GOING OUT WITH A BANG!!  In best theatrical tradition it may make a very grand exit stage left!  Let’s see.  That being said, this eclipse energy will be felt for quite a while because the planet Uranus has been hovering around 0° of Taurus for a while and has triggered this eclipse and will continue to do so in the future.  Certain things are bound to end if they haven’t already.  If there is not a big event culminating this weekend personally, then you may feel the ramification of the energy around February 15 when Mars triggers the eclipse and again on March 24 when Uranus hits this degree for the final time which may be a grand slam type of event.  Uranus has foreshadowed this eclipse already on June 2, 2018 and October 16, 2018, therefore many of you may be able to trace events back to those dates that are currently having ramifications this weekend and may continue to do so through the last transit on March 24, 2019.  Everyone experiences the energy differently depending on how it affects your natal chart, houses and planets.  It could be one big event this weekend or a series of events, epiphanies and evolutionary energy occurring on the dates already given and yet to come.

On the world stage this will definitely change our perspective around money, values, talent, children, and creativity; all topics ruled by Taurus and Leo.  These signs square each other and this creates frustration between one’s innate talent (Taurus) and how to express it and show it off (Leo).  Will you try to use your talent to make a living and thereby fuse joy with material security or will you be someone who takes the route of security and sacrifices joy in the process?  Or the reverse may happen as you go for the fun and creativity but sacrifice the chance for material security?  The idea is to try to fuse the two as best as possible, but there is nothing wrong with making a choice in either direction provided it’s a conscious choice.  If money is more important than joy then it would be wise to have a hobby that brings you great joy, vitality and creative self-expression, if your job doesn’t do that. 

Because Leo rules royalty, kings, actors and people in the limelight we will see more fated things happening to people who represent those archetypes like the President of the United States and all rulers around the world who act more like Kings, Queens and Oligarchs.  During eclipses people of stature die in greater numbers and with more visibility that have had a major influence on culture.  Famous people drop like flies and this past week we’ve already witnessed the passing of Carol Channing and Mary Oliver; the latter a master poet and the former a beloved entertainer.   The Solar Eclipse was in Capricorn a sign that rules time and tradition.  Combined with this Leo eclipse the time is up for certain people in the limelight.  What will stand the test of time and what won’t? 

When the Sun reaches 0° of Taurus on April 21 you’ll have a better understanding of the purpose of this entire time period, personally, politically and globally.  We’re all relatively on shaky ground and Uranus entering Taurus will only make us even more aware of that. 

There is plenty of opportunity for lots of fun this weekend as well so show up to the party in order to enjoy the vitality of life!