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Thursday, January 10

Watch hurt feelings surrounding not be invited to the party, to the table to negotiate or to participate in an important group setting with which you should be an active participant. You’ll be angry and must figure out a way to make your power felt without being jealous, vindictive or retaliating in a harsh manner.

There is also some serendipitous good luck in certain areas of your life but don’t push the luck too far. If you have a good memory there’s something from back in June of 2017 that is morphing or re-entering your life once again, sort of like a ship lost at sea that is finally seeing a clear path home.
There’s a lot of illusion in the air today. It’s not a great day to make practical decisions but it is a good day to use one’s imagination via the arts, writing and healthy escapist activities. Don’t put you trust blindly in anyone today. Question, ruminate and collect information but don’t commit just yet. For major decisions that can wait a couple of weeks you should wait. For emergencies, do your best and act accordingly but not excessively.