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Thursday, January 3

We are in eclipse season so everything is blown out of proportion for better and worse so take a couple of deep breaths because this month will be quite a roller coaster with feelings, emotions and actions flipping upside down. One day will feel euphoric and the next day can turn on a dime and you’ll feel in the pit of despair. Don’t make rash decisions while at the height of emotions and feelings. You won’t be making well informed, educated choices so be cautious.

That being said today is a rather euphoric and up day for many of us. Thursday always belongs to Jupiter – Thor’s Day. He’s traveling in his home sign where he is extremely optimistic, confident and rejoiceful. Think of a planet in it’s own sign as extremely comfortable in its surroundings. Today the Moon is in Sagittarius and will make her monthly conjunction with Jupiter. The Moon rules the mood of the day and feelings of comfort, security and getting one’s needs met. The feeling of getting things to go your way will be strong, but again, don’t get over confident or cocky because with over inflated feelings there will be a bubble burst as the Moon also squares Neptune. There is inflation, stretching, and perhaps over optimism. Enjoy it but don’t take it too seriously. Friday will continue the high and mighty feelings of flight, but we have an eclipse on Saturday followed by the station of Uranus so everything becomes topsy-turvy in a major way. Whatever direction you may be heading in right now, in certain situations, can totally reverse by Monday.

Monitor every month the Moon’s sojourn through Sagittarius as she conjuncts Jupiter because that would, generally speaking, be a good exploring, optimism and attracting good things.