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Saturday, Februay 9

The Aries Moon creates tension with Saturn and demands dealing with more serious issues. You cannot go full speed ahead today. For instance, if you do things too hastily like a gym workout where you’re careless or running too quickly and not looking where you’re going, there can be something like a pulled muscle, twisted ankle or something that forces you too slow down.

In more psychological situations dealing with others in relationships you’ll have to be very conscious how you’re coming across. There’s a coldness and distance to this aspect so it might be difficult to be warm and cozy with a loved one. You may have to deal with broaching a more difficult situation and dealing with it as a mature, responsible adult. It’s not a day for whining and complaining. You may be called in to work on a Saturday and this aspect would definitely affect some of you that way. If you normally work on Saturday then this will be an effortful day but a lot can be accomplished.

The evening and night have a far more fun and harmonious atmosphere. It’s a great night to be social, party and spend time with friends.
To sum it up in a nutshell spend the day time running errands and completing work and other tasks that require some effort. Be organized, disciplined and focused but don’t be careless, sloppy, messy or move with too much speed. The night switches gear and you can let loose, play, party and generally have some loud and boisterous fun.