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Thursday, February 28

Mercury is getting ready to station retrograde at the end of Pisces while Uranus is entering Taurus. There is a deeper investigation going on. Information is coming out and will be revealed as Mercury dips down into the murky Pisces ocean to uncover lies, deception, misinformation and hopefully gain insight into something that’s been going on for a very long time. Uranus entering Taurus is a lightning bolt and shock surrounding money issues, stability and security and it will rock foundations and shake up the seemingly solid institutions. Nothing is on firm ground as core values are about to be turned around.

This is being played out on the world stage with the investigations in Washington right now. Let’s see who really is lying or is it all smoke and mirrors? This Mercury retrograde is a clean up of the past but you might be surprised at who really is telling the truth and who is lying. There are curve balls coming at you.

The Capricorn Moon makes positive aspects to Mars and the Sun so there’s a great deal of energy towards accomplishment, achievement and reaching goals today.

Next week is the crazy week with the shifts of Mercury and Uranus. Just because things seem to be going in a certain direction doesn’t necessarily mean it will stay that way. Don’t get overly confident. Major change is in the air.