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Thursday, February 7

Optimism rules the day!! If you can’t tap into that energy to uplift spirits and connect to joy, then do something excessive like spend money on a purchase that makes you happy or an expensive restaurant that indulges overboard appetites.

The Sun (ego) and Jupiter (expansion) are partnered for positive opportunities. Having the signs Aquarius and Sagittarius involved suggests broad reaching opportunities and doing something to help others as well as yourself. In fact, it’s more about doing things that help others. In the process one’s ego can be stroked and you’ll feel special for having been more concerned with the bigger picture, the group endeavor or the effect your talents have on the world at large.

Mercury and Mars also are in harmonious aspect so that’s about the opportunity to put words and thought into action. If you have to make a presentation, lecture, or submit a written document then today is the day! Mars and Mercury are in signs they rule so there is easy access to use words to optimum effect even in battle or debate situations. You can be forceful and forthright in how you speak today especially if you’re in a leadership position and have done your homework! Don’t be afraid to voice opinions and ideas even if they’re not totally accepted. Chances are others will be listening even if they don’t agree.

The Pisces Moon adds some whimsy, magic, and intuition into the batter so that everything doesn’t have to be so practical, literal and linear. If you work in the caring professions or artistic ones then you can take everything to a deeper level of empathy, compassion and connecting to the collective unconscious.

You can channel energies from more ethereal realms and ground them in the material world.