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Saturday, March 2

Before 1:47 pm (EST) the Moon is in Capricorn, and after 2:06 pm (EST) she enters Aquarius.

The first a half of the day is best spent running and doing errands and performing tasks. The evening hours are great for pleasure, relaxation and socializing as the Aquarius Moon conjuncts Venus. Bonding, relaxation and comfort levels are mixed with partners, friends and lovers. The sign of Aquarius allows for deep commitments with an objective and impersonal view. Things shouldn’t get clouded by unconscious behavior but directed towards very clear and creative energies. This is a very upbeat energy so whatever you have planned tonight can be successful and fun.

If you’re meeting new people tonight, and that’s definitely in the air with Venus coming off her square to Uranus, then it has the flavor of electricity caused by sudden attraction that leads to a one night stand. That can be great fun but just know what you’re getting into and don’t lose your heart but play some fun mind games. This is not a devoted energy when it comes to making love for the first time. It can be kinky, exciting, unexpected and crazy but it might not last. Or after the night of wild sex you may decide to become friends instead of lovers. Those relationships that are already secured can still tap into the eclectic and electric energies but it will be handled differently with people you already know well. Those relationships can deepen and gain greater value.

Because Mercury is about to retrograde in Pisces and Uranus is about to explode into Taurus there may be a blast from the past from someone that you least expected to see. This could be someone you cherished and valued deeply, but have lost contact with, and now, all of a sudden they appear out of nowhere, like a ghost or apparition. The time is right to reconnect, most likely temporarily to readdress something, or make one final communication before they disappear into the ethers once again.