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Thursday, March 14

Here are some major events in this crazy month of March that occurred with Mercury retrograde in Pisces, in tandem with the recent Pisces New Moon conjoined Neptune and Uranus’ ingress into Taurus:

The College admissions education scandal is unraveling before our eyes. Mercury rules education and in Pisces plays the part of Psychopomp going back in time, descending to the depths of the ocean to dredge up that which has been buried but needs to be bought out in the open. The Uranus in Taurus financial end of this shocking story is the amazing amount of money having been shelled out to get their children into these elite schools.

We see Mercury the trickster at work in the recent prison sentencing that has been handed down to Paul Manafort and the ongoing Mueller investigation as it continues to uncover more and more lies, deception, cheating and obstruction of justice. Uranus will remain in the sign of Taurus for 7 years just about the length of his imprisonment.

Last night mob boss, Francesco Cali, head of the notorious Gambino crime family, was shot and killed outside his home in Staten Island. After being shot he was run over by a car in appropriate Mercury retrograde family. That which is invisible and remains behind the scenes is being brought out into the open. Uranus entering Taurus is also making events explode and come onto the world stage in shocking ways.

The recent plane crash in Ethiopia has grounded Boeing model 737 Max 8 jets all over the world. This is the second crash in the past 5 months of this latest aviation model, the first having been on October 29, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Both jets have crashed in eerily similar ways and the most freakish aspect of this, from an astrological standpoint, is that Uranus was at almost exactly the same degree of Taurus in both crashes: 0 Taurus 10 in Ethiopia and 0 Taurus 21 in Indonesia. Uranus rules the aviation industry and in Taurus things get grounded, in this case unfortunately because of shocking crashes. Of course transportation disasters also happen during Mercury retrograde. We are blind to technical deficiencies and they are being revealed.

In recent days a “Bomb Cyclone” has cut a violent swath through the heartland of the United States with winds of hurricane proportion and white out blizzard conditions. It is one of the worst storms in over a century and intensified at a shockingly quick manner. Taurus rules the earth and specifically the heartland of the country and high winds and violent storms are very Uranian in nature when they have a sudden and unexpected strengthening.

As I’ve been saying in recent posts when an outer planet like Uranus enters 0 degrees of any signs we will see momentous world events and shocking types of outings and revelations.

Beto O’Rourke has formally launched his presidential campaign on a Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Not a very good idea. It doesn’t bode well for him. He’s doing it on a very blind kind of energy.

Lastly, yesterday Facebook and Instagram had major log in issues and malfunctions all over the world as accounts were frozen. Pictures and posts blindly disappeared and the whole day millions of people had no access to social media. Heavens!!! Life does go on without social media!

Continue take deep breaths for the remainder of March and don’t make any life altering and major decisions of your own volition. If you have to react to a major malfunction, tragedy or disaster that is another thing but don’t initiate a crisis due to your own blind thoughts or actions.

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