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Wednesday, March 13

The Gemini Moon doesn’t get any help from Neptune or retrograde Mercury for getting logical answers to practical matters. It will only add to the frenzy of the education/college fraud story. So much information will be coming down the pike but just wait because there’s more news and there’s lots of subterfuge.

There is nothing logical about today’s energy so listen but don’t necessarily trust what you hear. And don’t make major decisions based on any information you are currently receiving.

Read a book, see a play, listen to a concert and use this crazy Gemini, Pisces, Mercury and Neptune energy for right brain imaginative endeavors. Have a drink at your local bar and talk philosophy with the bartender or the inebriated soul sitting next to you. The Peter Sellars character from BEING THERE may have more profound things to say in their craziness then the person whom you normally can trust.

The education scandal that broke yesterday will have legs in the weeks and months to come, and is timed on the Mercury retrograde in Pisces (unearthing secrets, lies and deceptions from the past) and Uranus’ ingress into Taurus the “outing” of financial inequality. What are our values as a society and how do we better equalize the distribution and influence of money? When outer planets, (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) enter signs there are always major events accompanying the transit in the early degrees of the sign that symbolize trends that are about to be transformed, outed, transcended or destroyed. In this case Uranus shocks, outs, enlightens, revolutionizes and turns upside down.