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Wednesday, March 6

Because this week’s Mercury Retrograde occurs at the same time as Uranus’ ingress into Taurus everything happening this week in terms of miscommunication is compounded by big outbursts and sudden, unexpected issues from the past coming to light.

If someone is lying to you or doing something behind your back, now is the time when you’ll find out about it. If you’ve been in the dark about something then you might get a sudden jolt to awaken you into consciousness. Past behavior may come to light and you’ll have to process the information and move forward in a new direction. You may have been in the dark but something has shocked you into a new clarity, awareness or insight that may have knocked you off your center. You’ll have to spend the Mercury retrograde reviewing and revisiting a situation and reconsider how to move forward and put thought into action.

This is also a very accident prone type of week. Watch where you’re walking and how you’re driving. Being in a daydream can cause sudden accidents. Stay grounded in reality. You must be very aware of your surroundings. Being in a fog or lost in outer space can have major ramifications.

The fishes swim in two opposite directions so there are diametrically opposed thoughts, opinion and ideas about situations. It’s important to review the past and tidy up loose ends so that Uranus in Taurus can reinvent a new physical paradigm. What substance are you made of and how can you transport that information throughout your entire body and physical being? It’s a bit like reanimating Frankenstein’s monster. There is new life in dead things but will you create something beautiful or ugly? Is the substance that lies deep within you something that will benefit yourself personally and society as a whole or will you go on a chaotic, wild, crazy killing rampage just for the sake of being a rebel without a cause? There are untapped talents that you must share with others. Resources, wealth, talent and money are meant to be shared otherwise avarice, greed and selfishness limits us personally and society as a collective.

This Mercury retrograde presents a wonderful opportunity to become more meditative, reflective, seek spiritual guidance and become more mentally intuitive. You can ground new spiritual ideas into the fabric of life.