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Friday, April 19

I haven’t said anything directly about the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral. It’s not that the planets caused the fire, but astrological symbolism describes something significant about the event. We currently have Saturn, Pluto and the south node of the Moon traveling within 3 degrees of each other in the sign of Capricorn, with the south node being especially close to Saturn. This is about the releasing and tearing down of old structures that have stood the test of time but are in need of a certain amount of destruction in order to be reborn, rebirth, rebuilt and transformed. It’s not as if you have to throw the baby out with the bath water, but this beautiful cathedral is a monumental symbol of a structure as well as a philosophy that has been around for eons but needs to evolve in somenew and progressive manner while maintaining its authority, if it is going to move forward in time.

Today we have a full moon in Libra so relationship issues are emphasized as things come to light. You’ll become aware of something that you need to know about important partnerships in your life. The holiday weekend is a social one being colored by the full moon. It’s time to shed the light of balance, equality and awareness of choice. Show the face to others that you’d like to have reflected back to you. For those of you with a great memory, or that are old enough, this lunation can remind you of something important from way back to the end of 1982.

After the full moon culminates Luna quickly forms an opposition to Uranus, so the release and reveal inherent in full moons may have a more shocking effect or come out of the blue in unforeseen or unexpected ways. Enlightenment is in the air!