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Monday, April 15

While yesterday may have been a high watermark day of pleasure and activity, today the realization may dawn that you spent too much money for that fun day. You must have a philosophical attitude about it all. If you indulged, had a good time and created some cherished memories then most likely the overspending was well worth it.

The work week gets off to a good start courtesy of productive Virgo Moon. This is in an industrious sign and the Moon always sets the tone of the day. She’s perched for some adversarial combat with Mars so there may be crankiness in the work place with superiors yelling out orders and cracking the whip perhaps a bit harshly. Put on your listening ears, step up the game and get ready to multi-task and perform at maximum potential.

It’s important today to guide potential sloppiness with focus and organizational skills. So, for instance if the boss demands a great deal to be done and is all over the place in what she needs and wants, it may be your job to focus and get in touch with the details so that everything gets properly dealt with in an organized fashion.

Regardless who it is, someone today is sloppy while another has to rein things in.