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Saturday, April 27

Be extra sensitive to what’s going on these days as Pluto has stationed retrograde and Saturn will do so this Monday so his effects are already being felt. Pluto transforms and Saturn breaks down and rebuilds but they both have a tendency to make things feel and seem difficult. Pluto may be bring emotional types of breakdowns having to do with the cycles of life, death, trust, betrayals and commitments of the heart while Saturn may by more physical types of breakdowns of machinery and life challenges pertaining to career and worldly security issues. They can feel interchangeable. Therefore, if on the retrogrades you’re forced to deal with a breakdown of some kind then it would be wise to be a mature adult about it because it is part of the cycles of life.

It’s time to re-assess situations and if an event is happening forcing change, then the retrograde periods of these planets, which last several months, help to formulate a new course of action and make a new plan of some kind. Saturn turns direct on September 18 and Pluto on October 3 so you have time to formulate a new direction. Retrogrades are invaluable period to deepen your understanding of a situation, to go back and re-address something, re-direct an energy and re-plan a course of action.

If something good is happening, for Saturn and Pluto don’t always have to bring on bad situations they just make you feel like work and evolution is in the process, then you’ll have a long time of adjusting to the new situation and learning how to deal with this new phase of life.

Today’s energy starts off on a tired note and last night would have been good to catch up on sleep. The evening can be full of lively action just be aware of things possible leaning towards a combative energy. You can express your will but try not to be overly confrontational.
Sunday the Moon is void of course from 5:44 am until 6:11 pm, (EDT). It’s a good day for spiritual contemplation. All in all it’s a weekend not to be frivolous but be thoughtful about what’s happening in your life.