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Thursday, April 4

It’s really going to start feeling like the birth of Spring today as the Moon enters Aries and will form a new moon exact at 10:15 pm (EDT) on Friday. This is the weekend everyone will start to feel the heavy Pisces energy we’ve experienced for so long lift, as we give birth to new life, new energy, and new vision and the promises and possibilities inherent in new beginnings. Let a warrior spirit prevail. Start to cultivate the higher octave of Aries which is bravery, courage and strength.

The Moon is colored by an opportunistic sextile to Mars, the ruler of Aries, so this gives a double whammy to set the mood for action, thrusting and moving forward.

If you’re in an overly sensitive mood you’ll find this energy coming at you through aggressive and abrasive people. Try to keep those rough Aries qualities in check unless the situation calls for it, but make sure it does! Don’t be a bully, fighter and aggressive person without just cause.
Let’s continue to celebrate the birth of Spring by demonstrating through actions that we care about others and the world around us. Mars is currently in Gemini so speak your truth – directly, boldly an honestly! Fight with words and ideas rather than fists. Let words direct your actions. You can debate and be argumentative but remain flexible and open to other ideas and points of view.