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Tuesday, April 16

Mercury is in the last degrees of Pisces and though we’ve been feeling the Aries energy strongly since early April the is the last vestige of a long process of purging and emotional processing of a situation that has been going on for a rather long time. Mercury is finally saying it’s over, you’ve done what can be done and now it’s time to start anew. So have one last look at the past, one last conversation, one last emotional plunge and then let it go!

The Moon’s early morning opposition to Neptune can help reflect one last time while her trine to Saturn afterwards can help you face a new reality. Following that is Luna’s trine to Pluto, another helping hand in your personal evolution of death, rebirth and coming out perhaps a bit beaten but stronger and with more power.

Finally, the day ends with her aspect to Jupiter so indulge in something a bit excessive to reward yourself for having come through this event older, wiser and with a better sense of who you are. You’ve added layers to your character and deepened the essence of who you are.