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Saturday, May 18

Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18.  Tonight and tomorrow the full moon in Scorpio is at its peak.  This is always one of the more challenging full moons of the year because Scorpio is the kind of sign that likes to keep things hidden, secret and in the dark, while the nature of full moons are to bring things to light.  Many things that have been festering can erupt and spew forth.  The past few days have been the build-up and this weekend is the release.  If you’ve been keeping things under wrap and holding everything in, like a pressure cooker then this is the time it can explode especially if the anger, issue or challenge has been simmering in a semi-unconscious way. 

On a positive note, you may find lost, buried or hidden treasure of some kind.  It’s a good lunation to re-animate something from the past whose time it is to resuscitate.  Everything comes out for better or worse.  Hidden affairs, hidden illnesses, hidden secrets…..you get the picture.  You can also have a major psychological epiphany. 

Today Venus conjuncts Uranus, and that is also a rather explosive type of energy especially concerning relationships and money.  Expect the unexpected all weekend.  Don’t expect others, or yourself, to make easy compromises.  It’s a polarizing energy.  Breakups may occur when the truth is discovered about someone or something.  If you’re not prepared to deal with a difficult situation then don’t try to resolve it on this lunation.  Let the weekend play out and confront a difficult matter early next week.  Of course, if things come to a head without provocation from you, then a confrontation may be unavoidable and you forced into a dead reckoning.   But even then, try not to go out of control with overly emotional responses. 

Some people may receive a windfall of money while others may lose quite a lot.  There’s volatility around financial matters and the extremes go in both directions. 

If you’re good at searching through trash for objects that others have thrown away, but you can use and turn into something of value, this is a perfect time to be a scavenger and go on the hunt.   Illnesses often peak and come to a head on a full moon so in easily resolved situations such as a cold or simple illness there can be a break for the better. 

These are just some types of energy in the air, but of course it all depends on what house and planets the full moon aspects.  For example, if the full moon aspects your Jupiter there’s a more beneficent and upbeat mood to the energy, while if it aspects Saturn circumstances feel more dire and grim.  The planet often colors the mood in how you’re experience life events and is not always reflective on whether the experience is genuinely good or bad.  Sometimes it colors the mood and other times the mood and the event are experienced as one and the same. 

Because it’s a Saturday night and Venus aligns with Uranus alongside the full moon behaviors can lean towards excess, and going to extremes, so if you have an addictive or daredevil personality you may push yourself to the limit.  Try to make conscious choices and if you feel one more drink or drug will take you over the edge –  IT WILL –  so pull back.  If fighting a friend or a loved one don’t deliver ultimatums.  You’ll regret it once the energy equalizes. 

Lovers who are in the bloom of love or relationships that are percolating smoothly can experience this energy as passionate, kinky and exciting.  You can have epiphanies and break throughs with deeply felt and thoughtful conversations on sensitive subject matters provided you and your partner have thought things through and are each given a fair shake to express what’s on your mind. 

Will loving and trusting bonds if intimacy strengthen and deepen core values or will they be split apart?