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Sunday, May 5

Sunday, May 4.  This weekend is the Taurus New Moon.  Although we have it once a year in the sign of the bull, this is the first time in almost 84 years that the planet Uranus will also be in this sign, so this takes on special significance as it heralds the birth of new type of energy we haven’t seen since 1935 at the height of the Great Depression.  Every remaining Taurus new moon for the next 8 years will be affected by Uranus in one way or another.  But this is the first one, so I want to point out some important things to think about, especially if you are a Taurus or a fixed sign (Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius).  The energy is about unleashing new talent, new ways of expressing the god given gifts you were born with.  Since Saturn and Pluto are conjunct the south node we are being asked to release many earthly structures that need to be destroyed and reformed in some way.  But Uranus in Taurus says to reinvent the old forms and structures with new earthly material from deep within.  On a world level it’s about using the resources of Mother earth in new ways because the old ways of tilling the soil and harnessing Gaia’s resources are no longer working to optimum effect.  Some need to be discarded in order to make way for new paradigm shifts on cohabitating with Mother Earth.  This includes not only natural resources, but money and finances as well.  On a personal level, ask yourself what old, worn out structures in your own life need to be replaced and revitalized.  Uranus in Taurus says unearth and unleash heretofore hidden or unacknowledged talents and let them burst forth.  These can be talents you’ve been totally unaware of that have been buried inside you, or if aware of them, they’ve lain dormant for many years from either being too lazy, too busy or otherwise engaged to develop them.  Now is the time.  The new moon is initiating a much longer 8 year phase of presenting your talent, resources and inner value out in the open that will eventually ground you with a new feeling of self-worth.   This energy at its best can revitalize your spirit and keep you feeling young and aware of the world around you.  Unleash the inner beauty even if you think it won’t be appreciated or valued by others.  Be true to yourself.  If there are sudden financial upheavals that rock you off center then you’ll have to experience a breakdown before there a breakout into something new and better. 

As I said the fixed signs will feel this more than anyone else but everyone will have the shifts of energy I’ve talked about depending on what house the sign of Taurus occupies in your chart. 

Mars opposes Jupiter on Sunday so today has a lively and heated energy.  It’s a good day for religious and philosophical debate but don’t go on the attack with over-heated and zealous proselytizing.   It’s a case where friendly fire can get out of hand.  The energy is great for social engagements and activities of all kinds.  Stretch your mind and your social network.  Allow new ideas to push you towards opening the mind to a fuller, broader and more open attitude towards others.  It’s a restless energy on Sunday and travel can figure prominently for many and therefore traffic may increase exponentially.