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Thursday, May 30

Yesterday Mercury was involved with Neptune which could have caused miscommunication in logical matters but may have been highly creative for working in more imaginative ways.

Today Mercury aspects Jupiter and there could be an excess to all of the daily routines of life. There’s a sense of over communication, too many tasks to accomplish and spreading yourself too thin. The details may have a tendency to be sidestepped so be careful. Don’t cut corners and try not to promise more than you can deliver. It’s a good energy for dueling partnership in a productive way. One person may have the vision and imagination to expand on an idea, while the other can attend to the daily routine, details and perfect any imperfections in the plan to see that it runs smoothly and efficiently.

Partnerships have a way of being creative, imaginative and cooperative within the parameters of knowing your strong points, playing them up and sidestepping your limitations. Know your partners strengths and weaknesses as well as your own.

Do something somewhat glamourous and indulgent at some point during the day. Perhaps an hour lunch with a friend and a cocktail.