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Wednesday, May 15

Venus enters Taurus today where she remains through June 9 and Mars enters Cancer where he’ll remain through July 1. In traditional terms, under this influence, men will be more moody and cranky while women will be more stable and centered. In non-binary terms the more yang partner will be difficult emotionally while the more yin partner will be the rock of Gibraltar.

Mars in Cancer is not an easy energy to deal with and tends to release unconscious anger at the most inopportune times. Temper is triggered much more easily especially if you’re harboring a grudge or holding on to something from the past. It would be best to clear the air as directly as possible because if you let the anger percolate, steam and simmer then it can explode down the line when the incident is well past the time of dealing with it rationally. Pay attention to your feelings and what motivates them.
Venus in Taurus understands luxury, pleasure and value. Venus loves this sign because of its natural predisposition towards beauty and security. When shopping you may be able to find better value without even looking that hard. The love planets will be more sensually and emotionally driven with these placements and that can lead to beautiful love making. Mars in Cancer can be a very active lover if the person is motivated and in the right mood. Venus in Taurus is highly receptive.

Everyone’s security needs with regards to partnership will be stimulated. The motivation behind being with others romantically is driven by emotional and material security.