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Thursday, July 25

We’ve entered the Leo time of year. Even though Mercury is retrograde in Cancer which may continue having us think about the past the Sun has entered the sign of its dignity:LEO. Leo the Lion, Leo the King, Leo the Court Jester, Leo the Eternal Child, Leo the Royal Prince, Leo the Spoiled Brat, Leo the Clown, Leo the Proud Creator, Leo the Actor, Leo the Romantic, Leo the Athlete, Leo the Giver of Life, Leo the Ridiculer, Leo the self-centered Tyrant, Leo the STAR!

I think you get it! There’s a special, divine god-like quality to this sign. While the Sun was in Cancer it’s more conducive to express yourself around family and the past. When Leo comes around it’s more fun to play with friends, lovers and have romantic entanglements. It’s the height of Summer and we want to experience more joy at the experience of being alive! Have a summer fling, revisit the concept of romance in everything, not just in sexual relationships. Spend more time at recreational pursuits and going to the theater. Drama takes precedence but try not be overly dramatic and blow things out of proportion in relationship challenges that need more sensitivity rather than grandstanding. Allow the generous and warm side of this sign to expand rather than the spoiled, bratty and self-centered child.
Allow yourself to feel like a King or Queen but make sure you’re able to share that spotlight with others!