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Wednesday, July 3.

We’re smack in the middle of eclipse season.  Yesterday was the Solar Eclipse at 10° Cancer 38’ and on July 16 will be the Lunar Eclipse at 24° Capricorn 04’.  Those are the exact dates and times but the effects of eclipses color the next 6 months until the next set of eclipses when the circumstances that come to light now are resolved or proceed to the next level of evolution. 

The eclipse season lasts about 6 weeks which covers the two week period leading up to yesterday’s solar eclipse, the two weeks between the two eclipses, and the two weeks after the lunar eclipse which ends on July 31.  During this six weeks, but especially the two weeks bookending the eclipses, everyone tends to feel agitated, excited, chaotic, unstable and nervous.  Events are juicier, more volatile and nerve-wracking.  This is true whether seemingly good or bad things are happening.  Nothing is as bad as it seems and conversely, nothing is as good as it seems.  In a Solar Eclipse the light of the Sun is blocked by the Moon, so though important things may be occurring or are imminent, we may be in the dark about the ramifications as there is not enough information to shed proper light on a situation.  On a lunar eclipse the Sun is blocking the light of the moon and there is too much information and we are bombarded with so much that it knocks us off our center and sends us into an emotional tailspin.  Our perspective is heightened and inflated therefore it is not the wisest time to make life altering decisions unless you’re forced into a position to do so. Best to wait till August when equilibrium sets in, and though situations may not have improved or are still unstable, you’ll have a better perspective and handle on things to make more informed choices. 

The Solar Eclipse is about making new commitments to family and what that means to you.  Family is not always about blood relations.  There are new types of families being forged and there are major transformational shifts in what that means for everyone.  The Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is about throwing out old, worn out structures and traditions that no longer serve a useful purpose.  Both signs have to do with traditions and security.  Those things that have brought security for years need to be restructured.  We have to plant seeds in fertile soil to be able to make new homes and family grow.  Eclipses are always more potent when they hit a planet in the natal chart by square, conjunction or opposition with a 3°orb.  In this case that would be anything between 7 and 13 of Cancer, Capricorn, Aries or Libra for the Solar Eclipse and between 21 and 27 degrees of those same signs for the Lunar Eclipse.  In general Solar Eclipses plant the seeds for new beginnings and Lunar Eclipses bring to end situations that have been percolating for a while.  They do work in tandem as is always the case with anything that is either a beginning or an ending. 

Whether or not the eclipse hits an important planet in your chart it will occur in a particular house polarity and those two houses will feel a jolt and zap of energy.  Those are the areas of life where the pot will be stirred. 

For everyone a big question will be what bonds strengthen home, family and career and what bonds need to be shorn away and severed?  Eclipses always carry a Uranian feeling of rebellion, chaos and mind shattering enlightenment.  So be prepared to expect the unexpected.    Family situations that are already precarious may be even crazier this holiday season.  Watch for current events to explode even more and important and famous people tend to leave the earth plane in larger numbers at this time. 

This eclipse has an added whop of volatility due to Mercury retrograde occurring alongside that happens to conjunct Mars three times.  This will add to communication problems heightened by anger, temper and bullying.  Everyone is going to voice things more loudly, dramatically and abrasively so try to keep things in perspective as well as you can.  The three conjunctions of Mercury and Mars are: June 18, July 8 and September 3.  That’s a time period when something important will be stretched out and not completed till the September time period.  Those will also be peak dates of communication and transportation types of battles.  A new direction needs to be taken and something  is being put into action that will take all summer to figure out. 

Also look towards the month of October for a progression and awareness of what the eclipse energy is all about and as more light will be shed on the fated July events.