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Wednesday, July 31

Wednesday, July 31.  Today the eclipse season officially ends ushered in by a Leo New Moon.  Eclipse matters bought to light (or still somewhat in the dark) will continue to play out over the next few months as the issues and challenges that need to be dealt with in more fated ways evolve.  Mercury turns direct late tonight and not too soon for most of us.  It’s not that the eclipse matters suddenly disappears and resolves as the cycles shifts.  Eclipse events can now be sorted out with more logic, equilibrium and balance.  The heightened, caffeinated and crazy feel of being in the dark or overloaded with too much information reverts to more comfortable levels of emotion.  The issues are still around and some have yet to be revealed totally, but you’ll be in a better place to make more informed decisions.  October is going to be a month when the eclipse energy gets another boost towards taking things to the next level. 

Mercury moving forward in Cancer says today is like a traffic light that shifts from Red, to yellow to green.  Today and tomorrow is the yellow face and you should proceed with caution.  We return to green by the weekend and you can move ahead at a more comfortable speed after having reviewed many situations from the past in a reflective and sensitive manner.  The green light we are heading towards clarifies issues regarding home and family since the sign of Cancer is involved.  Mercury retrograde always is of special importance to those who have the Sun, Moon or Ascendant or natal Mercury in either Gemini or Virgo.  Any planet in Gemini or Virgo gets a healthy review on Mercury retrograde.   Without a review of life and making adjustments there is little growth, so think of Mercury retrograde as a necessary step towards self-improvement and revising important areas of life that need to be fine-tuned.

The New Moon in Leo is about creative self-expression.  It is closely related to the arts, children, romance, athletics, and activities that are stimulated through the heart center and a feeling of love, warmth and generosity.  The next two weeks ushers in an active time for recreation, fun and games, being with friends and expanding your heart chakra.  It’s important to find a sense of fun somehow and the house where Leo falls in your chart is where you can find the fun.  The planets the New Moon aspects within 5 degrees will tell you how to psychologically direct those pieces of your character and aspects will indicate the ease or difficulty you’ll experience in expressing yourself.  Many of you won’t understand what that all means without further study but others will be able to apply that technique. 

Mercury doesn’t enter Leo until August 11 so the planet of logic, communication and practical matters continues to add a flavor of sentiment, family, the past and sensitivity to the prevalent Leo energy thus taming the lion from being overly dramatic, insensitive and overbearing.  It’s an important balance.  It also keeps us reflective for another week while we continue to sort out eclipse matters with more care as we move forward.