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Saturday, August 31

We’re in the Virgo New Moon Cycle. New Moons are about new beginnings. This is Labor Day weekend, so after one last holiday festivity the end of the “fun” summer time for most of us comes to an end and we take action to get down and dirty towards Virgo goals. Virgo rules the labor force and being of service in some way shape or form to make society function like a well tuned swiss watch. It’s time to go back to school, work and one’s daily routine. Virgo is about ritual and service and the daily grind that supports all practical and useful functioning and purpose on the planet. We all contribute in some way to the wheel of life. What is your essential purpose and how do you serve society and others and do your part to make the world run smoothly?

As the New Moon energy takes hold it’s a time to initiate work projects and get yourself back into tip top working order through more mental and physical focus. Get more sleep so that the mind can function at optimum potential and go back to the gym with more intent, discipline and commitment. When the body has rest, proper diet and physical fitness then you can create your own reality with greater joy, contentment and the will power to make things happen. Virgo must concern itself with health matters and cleanliness. Clean your soul as well as your house. Some have more difficult health challenges than others, so on a sliding scale take care of yourself as best you possibly can and figure out ways to improve any health limitations. Virgo is a learning sign. It’s function is to put to practical use knowledge and information.

Virgo is a beautiful sign: the true and humble servant! The body is a vessel to be nurtured and taken care off and if we honor the physical body then it becomes an amazing machine of productivity. Hone your skills, techniques and become immersed in the craft of doing something even better. Mentor or be mentored. Learn something new or refine something old. Be caring towards loved ones and respect and honor strangers and those in positions of service or servitude. The service person in a restaurant deserves as much respect as the President of a corporation. Doctors cannot do their jobs without Nurses.

Do your job and do it well no matter what it is.