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September 2019

Saturday, September 21

We’ve got a strong dose of reality mixed into the recipe of a fantasy and unreal oriented Jupiter/Neptune square. It’s the third in a series that first culminated 1/13/19, intensifying further on 6/16/19 and now for one last hit that peaks 9/21/19 but will be felt for several more weeks. It’s a good opportunity to move constructively forward with creative, artistic, spiritual and travel pursuits. Work of any kind in …Read More

Monday, September 16

Saturn is stationing in preparation for its direct movement on Wednesday, this week.  It’s a sobering time.  If the weekend was full of extreme highs as a result of the full moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune then this energy has a 180° effect by pulling you back into the real word to get grounded in reality.  For some it could be a very harsh and rough landing, while for others …Read More

Friday, September 13

Happy Friday the 13th. Some of you may feel the relevance of the mythic nature of this date not because of the date but because it coincides with a full moon in Pisces. This is one of those very ethereal and unusual full moons because the two signs straddled are Virgo-Pisces and the full moon part of the equation says to pay more attention to the Pisces side of your …Read More