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Friday, September 13

Happy Friday the 13th. Some of you may feel the relevance of the mythic nature of this date not because of the date but because it coincides with a full moon in Pisces. This is one of those very ethereal and unusual full moons because the two signs straddled are Virgo-Pisces and the full moon part of the equation says to pay more attention to the Pisces side of your life. Therefore, if you’ve been working very hard on all your Virgo issues of being organized, a lean mean robotic worker at the office, disciplined and focused on the daily struggle of being productive in the material world then you must use this entire weekend to ESCAPE! Virgo can be tightly wound and overly controlling and now its time to let loose, go with the flow, go into the world of imagination and flee to an astral, ethereal and magical world.
This could be a great party weekend for many of you but it can also be a weekend when you go WAAAAAAY OVERBOARD!!! So if you have excessive tendencies then the excessive behavior can go towards drugs, alcohol and partying of a bingeing variety. Have fun but you don’t want to wake up in the emergency room of the hospital. Still, you should experience some kind of over the top fun – but once that little voice in your head says enough – listen to it. Remember the movie The Days of Wine and Roses? Keep that plot line in the back of your mind if you have addiction/obsession challenges.

Escape comes in many forms so for others this can take the form of isolation in the woods, by the seashore or in your home. Some may want to isolate to write, think, meditate or do something of a more spiritual or clandestine nature. The imagination has free rein so use it creatively. Going to the movies or a museum are great ways to use Pisces energy. Tap into the more poetic side of your nature.

This axis often has health affiliations so be aware of your pain and suffering as well as others. You may be called upon to provide selfless care in the service of loved ones or for a charitable organization. Pisces is the agony and the ecstasy so the reality of situation may come to light and there could be extreme disappointment around a construct in your life.

It is said we only use a very small portion of our mind but this weekend you have the opportunity to stretch the possibilities…………there is a fantasy world that can be accessed where incredible knowledge can be gleaned. Ask yourself: What’s your personal version of The Wizard of Oz? Is over the rainbow a paradise or a purgatory? You can easily escape into the magic of the Emerald City or the pain and suffering of the witches castle.

There are so many aspects that can be uses wisely today: Mercury/Venus provides social contacts and friendliness, Sun/Pluto give a green light to take creative matters as deep as possible and the Pisces Moon in aspect to Jupiter/Mars/Neptune and Pluto says it’s time to go all the way. There are very few limits and half measure once the Moon completes her aspect to Saturn at 10:04 am (EDT). After that time the wall comes tumbling down!!!

Life can be like an MGM technicolor musical at least for the weekend. Create some magical memories that may disappear ever so quickly but will last a lifetime in your memories.