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Monday, September 16

Saturn is stationing in preparation for its direct movement on Wednesday, this week.  It’s a sobering time.  If the weekend was full of extreme highs as a result of the full moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune then this energy has a 180° effect by pulling you back into the real word to get grounded in reality.  For some it could be a very harsh and rough landing, while for others merely getting back to work and putting the nose to the grindstone.  If the weekend was one of extreme partying and going into unhealthy fantasy worlds,  then this energy will most definitely feel as if you’ve come home to pay the piper.  If on the other hand, the weekend opened up new creative portals and expanding the mind to possibilities and potentials, then the Saturn direct station can present opportunities to ground the imagination where you can put those ideas into the material world in productive ways.  There will be hard work to do, but Saturn says the hard work has a way of paying off down the line sometime.  Manifesting dreams is 90% hard work and sweat and that’s what Saturn does.  On this direct station take what you’ve been thinking about doing and start the process of making projects manifest.  Take the first steps to get a website built, start a new career endeavor, build a new project – you get the idea – it’s time to lay the first brick in the foundation.

On a very practical level these few days can cause some difficult moments with others as you will see relationships getting the cold hard glare of Saturn.  In my own life I had a very difficult phone conversation with someone today over the phone that took everything in my power to stay focused on the crux of the matter rather than playing the blame game.  Saturn demanded we both listen and not get polarized.  It wasn’t easy, but Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra so if you take the time to put conscious awareness towards balancing and harmonizing relationships by actually listening to the other person, then there can be great rewards and growth in building sounder and more stabilized relationships based upon mutual respect.  I must emphasize that it isn’t easy.  For some it may be best to avoid difficult conversations and meetings over the course of the next few days and wait until Saturn has turned direct.  They always say the most challenging days are the two days before the station, the day of the station and the day after so that would make Friday the day this week when some of you might want to wait to confront something, especially if you know in your heart that you won’t be able to handle things gracefully.  A good rule of thumb this week is wait to confront something if you can, but if you can’t because of events or others presenting situations to you out of your control, then the Saturn station in that case is all about dealing with a difficult situation. 

The block is about to be lifted but things are still clogged.