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Saturday, September 21

We’ve got a strong dose of reality mixed into the recipe of a fantasy and unreal oriented Jupiter/Neptune square. It’s the third in a series that first culminated 1/13/19, intensifying further on 6/16/19 and now for one last hit that peaks 9/21/19 but will be felt for several more weeks. It’s a good opportunity to move constructively forward with creative, artistic, spiritual and travel pursuits. Work of any kind in these fields can be stoked in a way to produce some results. Saturn right now saves the Jupiter/Neptune duo from going overboard so you’ll think twice before drinking the extra martini, or staying out that extra hour partying or fanning the tides of indulgence, indolence and gluttony. Go on a retreat by the sea or in the woods if you’d rather be alone.

This is a great time to make incredible spiritual strides. Solidify or restructure a belief system and test it out in some practical way. Put your heart in more concrete charitable pursuits such as volunteering where needed by maybe helping others less fortunate than you. I know that sounds like a tired, antiquated phrase and I don’t mean it to sound condescending, but it’s good to occasionally sacrifice in a way without wanting anything back in return.

The Gemini Moon during the day on Saturday adds a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness towards the day proceedings. She turns void at 10:41 pm for a brief two hour period and will enter Cancer at 12:50 am. Just keep with the flow of the night. Have fun and ride out the void easily.

There could be arguments and bickering on Sunday based upon the previous nights behavior, so be ready to debate and argue fairly without being too accusatory or too much on the defensive. It’s a great Sunday night to have fun and enjoy the company of others in a home atmosphere. A social party with a group of friends is just what’s called for.